Picking & Labelling Station - Betsy⁴
Picking & Labelling Station - Betsy⁴
Picking & Labelling Station - Betsy⁴


Picking & Labelling Station - Betsy⁴

Sale price£5,000.00

Betsy4 is the latest incarnation of the 51T powered mobile work stations that provide the ability too take desk bound hardware too more or less anywhere in a warehouse or distribution centre and make the hardware truly mobile, be it PC, Printer, Scanner, Monitor or any other such item.

Betsy4 is a fully battery powered wheeled trolleys merely 34cm wide and just 140cm long but boasts a shelf space of up to 0.75M2*. Whilst being incredibly manoeuvrable fitting in the narrowest spaces, creating a robust and functional solution for speedy uplift in productivity vastly reducing footfall rather than taking goods for processing to a fixed station.

Carrying a 225mAh battery as standard Betsy4 has a run time of up to 24 hours** providing a 240V output for mains powered devices, also an optional battery drawer on for easy battery removal and quick release single handed battery terminals.

Balanced on ultra-heavy duty wheels 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel (with foot operated breaks) that can carry up to a ½ tonne***, the Betsy4 glides easily despite her weight and can be used by more or less anyone with ease.

Betsy4 takes the equipment needed for the job directly to the point of activity be it pick and pack, stock check, shipping labelling or re-labelling. The Betsy4 is a perfect solution in place of multiple static workstation.

Betsy4 comes with an internal laptop tray should the requirement be to have a PC integral to the solution whilst still using a standard keyboard, mouse and monitor, this option is supplied by an external power button to wake the laptop without having to access the laptop in it’s secure drawer.

Betsy4 can be customised to your needs and requirements be it additional parts, colour or livery, you need only ask.

*configuration dependent **workload dependent ***wheel SWL not trolley SWL


  • Battery powered trolley system (Multiple battery options for longevity)
  • Smart LCD Fuel Gauge (BAT monitor) this will show you the battery percentage when the Betsy is being charged
  • Folded steel chassis for rigidity and strength
  • Removable mounting pole for additional attachments
  • Tablet mounts available
  • Integral power step converter and charger
  • Integral PC slot
  • Power level monitor / alarm indicator
  • Non tamper security bolt fastenings

Standard Configuration

  • 1 x 225mAh Battery Betsy Up To 24 Hour Work Time (Config Dependent)
  • 1 x Battery Inverter
  • 4 x Wheels (Under Handle Wheels Pivoted)Ultra Heavy Duty
  • 1 x Monitor Stand
  • 1 x Laptop Drawer
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x LCD Information Screen


Part Number Dependent on option

  • (002) - Extended Lighting ‘Pole’ Flashing Light (Orange)
  • (003) - Extended WiFi Antenna (Gain Increase)
  • (004) - Battery Drawer
  • (005) - Tote Box Shelf (Including Totes)
  • (006) - Bumpers x 4
  • (007) - Scanner / Small Printer Shelf (Pole Mounted)
  • (008) - Tablet Mount
  • (009) - Teathered Scanner Mount
  • (010) - Wireless Scanner Mount
  • (011) - Choose your Colour