About Us

51T is a leading British manufacturer and supplier of modular charging and powered solutions.

Working across several highly competitive sectors such as warehousing, logistics and distribution, the 51T Brand Reputation has evolved rapidly alongside a growing range of reliable products. 

Our focus: Provide products which become a fundamental and rewarding solution for any workplace.

High Quality, Durable Products

We envisage to make every step as easy and pain free as possible. At 51T, our sole purpose is to provide consumers with solid and reliable products.

“Our customers understand that we are practical people offering an effective and highly successful service, with no unnecessary complications or additions.”

Longest Warranty

We have removed the need to compete over price with out-of-the-box thinking and innovative design. Boasting failure rates at under 1% on practically all our products and up to 5-year warranties (product dependent), 51T enables users to maximise all ROI across any given time frame.

We create repairable and upgradeable products which are easy to deploy and use, reducing maintenance and upgrade time. In addition, we offer our clients choices that challenge the status quo of OEM and other 3rd Party equivalents.

Established in 2012

Our History

51T was initially introduced due to requirements of a number of high profile National transport organisations.

We quickly identified that providing efficient device charging as an integral part of the complete investment in mobile technology proved a difficult endeavour for most – often resulting with frequent performance inconsistency and life span issues.

Rugged Charging Solutions

Despite the extremely high specifications of mobile devices, charging and maintaining these devices within a rugged environment poses significant challenges for most business managers.

51T designs charging solutions to protect business investments in handheld devices. Our products are fully repairable and customisable, saving businesses money.

Enterprise Preferred Manufacturer

51T is the preferred manufacturer for many leading brands worldwide. We continually research and develop products for rugged environments that drive productivity and efficiency.

Whether supporting warehouse, transportation or retail operations, 51T helps businesses keep pace with market demands.