Why Wireless Charging is The Future

Why Wireless Charging is The Future

Manufacturers are already including Qi wireless charging in their devices. Pronounced 'chee', Qi is the tech that allows cable-free charging over short distances. 51T PayPal Wireless Charging Cradle is only the beginning. Read on.

Wireless charging is still a relatively new technology, but as more and more people adopt the tech, it's fast becoming the 'next big thing'. 

Manufacturers are already including Qi wireless charging in their devices. Pronounced 'chee', Qi is the tech that allows for cable-free charging over short distances. 

51T 'PayPal Wireless Charging Cradle' is only the beginning. Read on to find out more about this market and what businesses need to know to keep up with the trend. 

How Wireless Charging Works

You may be surprised to learn that wireless charging isn't as new as we think. The capability to charge electronics wirelessly has been around for almost 100 years. The early science behind wireless charging was known as magnetic resonant coupling and was introduced by Nikola Tesla around the 20th century. Unfortunately, at the time, there wasn't much use for such a technology.

Today there are three main types of wireless chargers in use. Without diving too deep into the science, the three main types of charging methods can supply a charge when the device is directly in contact with the charger, over a distance of a few inches or centimeters, or provide a "trickle charge" over a longer stretch of many feet. 

The convenience of these charging methods is already present in all areas of life, including kitchen appliances, the healthcare industry, smartphones, and other business applications.

The Future of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging technology has become more "mainstream" over time. However, it's still in its infancy. Many people in the tech world are speculating where the technology will head in the next five, seven, or ten years.

One of the biggest trends will be in our vehicles. We are already starting to see wireless charging offered by most car manufacturers in their "higher-end" models. In time, this technology will be more widely available for commercial application as the technology presses onward.

Another exciting development in the world of wireless charging is the advent of a technology known as FreePower. Most charging stations have a tiny "contact area" where the phone can accept a charge. Being even the slightest bit off-centre can cause the device not to charge. FreePower solves that problem. It allows the device to receive a charge from the entire surface of the charging pad rather than just a tiny area.

Consider the possibilities. What does this mean for charging devices at home? What are the implications for wireless applications in business? It truly is a revolutionary technology.

Supercharge Your Business

The future of wireless charging is now. There is no telling where the tech will take us. That's the most exciting thing about wireless technology!

One certainty, though, is that the team at 51T is ready for the challenge. To discuss your brief, get in touch.