What are commercial charging cradles and device charging stations?

What are commercial charging cradles and device charging stations?

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A Charging Cradle is a device that securely holds your phone in place while it charges, also known as an 'Active Mount'. Cradles are powered by a charger that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter power port or with a fixed installation cable. Commercial Charging Cradles can be installed in any vehicle with available dashboard space to fix the Cradle in place, regardless of vehicle manufacture.

51T Charging Solutions supply Charging Cradles and Handheld Device Charging Stations to a range of big brand businesses in the Logistics, Warehousing and Retail industries.


Charging Cradles and Device Charging Stations

A cradle is a device that can be used to charge or store and charge a handheld computer and other mobile devices. These types of device cradles are also called charging cradles, active mounts and device chargers. Popular commercial handheld device manufacturers include Zebra, Honeywell and Samsung, find a 51T charging cradle for your device here.

A commercial grade device charging station is a type of cradle that holds several devices at one time, but it typically lacks data sync capabilities as this reduces IT security risks. Charging Stations are also known as Multi Bay Chargers are a great option if you're not ready to move up to a Charging Cabinet yet. If you have a small number of devices that need to be charged, then this is an essential tool in your arsenal!

Simply, a Charging Cradle is mounted into a vehicle and charges one handheld device and a multi bay charging station can charge a number of devices at once and is typically stored onsite.




Charging Cradle installation vs Device Charging Stations

A Charging Cradle plugs into your car's cigarette lighter power port or uses a fixed installation cable so you can charge your device while driving or traveling in your vehicle without having to connect them via cables each time they need recharging. Cradles can be mounted in your vehicle so that it’s out of primary sight when not in use but easily accessible when you arrive at your destination. 51T uses trusted installation teams across the UK or you can install using a compatible bracket.

With Multi Bay Device Chargers no installation is require and the station can be moved to any nearby plug as required.

How are Commercial Charging Cradles different from domestic device chargers?

51T Charging Cradles have been designed for use in commercial environments such as logistics, warehousing and retail. They are much more durable, robust and secure than your usual car phone holder.

Our design is modular which means if one part of your Charging Cradles has been damaged during use then that single part can be replaced and you don't need to replace the whole unit. Accidents happen in fast paced environment like logistics and our modular design saves you time and money with repairs at a fraction of the cost of replacing a whole unit. Unlike our competitors single piece design, our modular design is purpose built to replace high wear components. As well as long term value for money, we are also competitively priced and offer large order discounts, enquire here.


In conclusion, it is important to know what you are buying and how it best suits your device charging requirements. 51T Charging Solutions will save money in the long run with our quality British designed and manufactured products that should outlast your device. If you need assistance choosing a charging cradle or multi bay station please contact us today.

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