Warehouse Expansions Behind the Headlines

Warehouse Expansions Behind the Headlines

With over 40 million square feet of warehouse space in the UK growing, the boom in warehouse real-estate continues. And whilst headlines focus on job creation, we focus on other less headline-turning aspects of warehouse expansion.
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With over 40 million square feet of warehouse space in the UK and growing, the boom in warehouse real-estate continues. As recently as May 2021, Amazon announced plans to open four additional fulfilment centres in the UK, creating 10,000 jobs.

And whilst headlines focus on job creation, we turn our attention to other less headline turning aspects of warehouse expansion. Discussing how to optimise the space and highlighting solutions to help manage productivity levels.

More floor to cover

Whether the expansion involves an existing warehouse or the opening of new ones, kitting out the space requires creative thinking. We know that getting the right order picking system is crucial to a well-optimised warehouse. Whatever system a warehouse operates, the next step is to ensure the correct hardware application. 

Mobile labelling stations, for example, allows for maximum use of space, enabling users to complete their tasks where it's required. Crucially mobile rugged hardware solutions also help to ensure warehouses remain agile and flexible to change.

More assets to manage

Issuing operatives with the proper hardware to do the job is one thing; ensuring they are fully operational is another. Charging cabinets allows for storage and charging of multiple assets. With the added benefit of being mobile, they can be stationed across the estate, helping to minimise downtown.

Solutions like the 51T Smart Charging Cabinet also allows for complete management and individual accountability for every device used. Since measurement of productivity underlines the success of modern warehouse management, making sure the facility is fully operational is an essential part of the process.

More products to ship

A good WMS (warehouse management system) is worth its weight in gold. Pickers must find items quickly, especially since there will be more inventory to manage. Ensuring all systems are talking to each other can get complicated and costly. 

Integration with a Shipping App helps to reduce the complexities in accessing multiple shipping API's. And makes it easier to keep up-to-date with individual carrier system upgrades. The business can print thousands of labels, access shipping rates, monitor carrier performance and track delivery from one touch-point. Thus, reducing WISMO's whilst saving time and money.

More rugged hardware

Warehouse expansion may also require investment in additional equipment. And with so much innovation in the market of late, it is worth doing your research. If you're short of time, talk to a reseller. The best ones have access to all the latest innovations and are well equipped to respond to your brief.

Get to know us

So, whether you're looking for space-saving charging solutions, in-vehicle equipment, or you have a bespoke requirement, get in touch. 51T has a network of trusted resellers to help guide you. We will be happy to refer you to the appropriate reseller for your brief. Email: sales@51t.co.uk