The Role of the Reseller For Rugged Hardware in the Post-Digital Era

The Role of the Reseller For Rugged Hardware in the Post-Digital Era

Digital promises to be the solution for most things. But if a company is in the market for quality rugged hardware and is looking to acquire products without the help of a reseller, they may find themselves limited in their options.
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You can buy anything online these days and between the endless listings on Amazon and other similar marketplaces, it seems like the role of the reseller has become completely moot in the digital era. However, if a company is in the market for quality rugged hardware and is looking to acquire products without the help of a reseller, they may find themselves limited in their options.

In this article, we'll take a quick look at the role of a reseller in the 21st century and why they are still as necessary as ever.

More Than A Middleman

Often, people think of resellers as just a middleman. They don’t manufacture products: they purchase from a wholesaler and sell them to customers. If a company can work directly with the manufacturer, wouldn't they save money? However, resellers offer much more value than merely selling on goods. 

Resellers of rugged hardware are experts in the industry. They make it their business to have detailed knowledge about the products on the market and how those products can meet the needs of their clients. Researching and validating the quality of these products can take up a lot of time – enterprises can easily save time and money by working with a trusted reseller.

Access To New Products

There's no denying that the digital era has changed the way we buy goods forever. But even in the age of eBay and Amazon, there are some things that are best purchased via a reseller. For example, if a company needs rugged hardware, it may be unable to purchase that hardware directly from the manufacturer.

However, for certain modular solutions manufacturers rely on the expertise of their reseller network. Experts who understand what is good and what is bad, and can quickly provide what is needed to meet business requirements. By working directly with resellers OEM manufacturers like 51T can focus on building the right solution for enterprises, ensuring resellers have quick access to the right products to meet their client’s needs.

Hands Off Supply Chain Management

In a time when ethics and sustainability are a high priority for many companies (and their customers), supply chain management is more important than ever. In the day-to-day running of a business, there is often little time or energy to invest in making sure the supply chain is in check. However, a reseller can provide valuable support.

Besides liaising with manufacturers and businesses, resellers also take care of the details from raw material, compatibility to end-user requirements. When enterprises are utilising a variety of hardware solutions, it is worth having a trusted reseller on board to help navigate the evolving challenges of supply chain management in rugged hardware environments.

Step Into the Post-Digital Age 

While the reseller model may seem like a relic of the past, they remain an integral part of a business in the post-digital age. As enterprises embark on and/or move forward with their digital transformation journey the value these experts bring in enabling the integration of new technology in rugged environments becomes ever more critical.

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