The 51T Smart Cabinet is Next-Level

The 51T Smart Cabinet is Next-Level

Add ‘smart’ to the offering in a secure device charging station, and you have the 51T smart cabinet. Leveraging a cabinet far beyond simple safety and charging utility. Discover more

The ubiquitous use of mobile devices has had a massive global impact on business. This portability means that we are now untethered, able to go faster and reach further than ever before. Their use improves productivity and efficiency - from waiters with iPads to take orders to logistics companies co-ordinating major distribution processes - and has fundamentally altered the way the business world goes round. So why do we let them die?

As good as their charge

73% of organisations haven’t got a secure device charging station in place. While we go full steam ahead with sending devices into the field, we are failing to have a strategy in place for their Achilles heel: a device is only as good as its ‘health bar’. Relying on individuals to charge their devices or on in-vehicle or in-house single charging connections increases the margin of error by relying on too many variables. A single station from which a fully charged device can be accessed swiftly is an essential cog in a well-oiled wheel. 

Security means savings

On top of this, devices are costly and a failure to keep them secure almost doubles that cost following loss or breakage. A charging station that also functions as a lock-away facility mitigates risk of theft and misplacement or damage (as devices aren’t left to charge unprotected). Schools and universities, for example, where devices are provided in large quantities to entire student and staff bodies are unwise to neglect to provide secure charging stations for daily use and return. 

The full nine yards

Now, add ‘smart’ to the offering in a secure device charging station and you have the 51T smart cabinet. This leverages a cabinet far beyond simple safety and charging utility - the smart cabinet is an asset tracking system that allows tracking of the devices allocated to the user on a shift-by-shift basis. It is ultra secure but also easily accessible using a barcode, 51T QR smart card, PIN number or NFC.

The cabinet charges 100 devices off 1 three-pin plug, ensuring a constant supply of charged available devices. This smart cabinet is built to streamline processes by increasing the productivity and security of devices and ease of use plus efficiency of the individuals who use them.

We’re very proud of it. Take a look at this video to see exactly how it works.