TC77 Charging Cradle - 51T Charging Solution

TC77 Charging Cradle - 51T Charging Solution

Product Spotlight: TC77 Charging Cradle designed and manufactured in the UK. Handmade, repairable and replaceable solution powering Zebra Mobile Handheld Device Technology. Learn more.

Technology: Zebra

Warranty: 3 Years

Warranty Extension: Up to 5 years

Zebra's TC7x solutions are possibly the most rugged all-touch computer available today. The devices combine the need to perform in harsh environments with ease of use. What's more, the TC77 allows for greater flexibility of service virtually anywhere, including rapid data capture and more. 

Best Charging Solution

To help prolong the life of the device and continue to drive business efficiencies investing in the correct charging cradle is vital. 51T charging cradle for the TC77 is the most durable product today. Designed specifically for the device, it boasts a longer life span than any competitor product.

Easy to Use

The 51T TC77 charging cradle is built with the end-user in mind. The product gives users the freedom and flexibility to use the device even whilst charging. 

Suitable for the Motorola TC70, TC72, TC75, TC70x and TC77 devices, the charging cradle is one of 51T's most versatile products. Click here to see a video of the product.

Total Flexibility

No matter your operational needs, the TC77 Charging Cradle is compatible and interchangeable with a wide range of 51T mountable products from In-vehicle chargers, 4 bay desk chargers to cabinets.

At 51T, quality and durability is everything. We believe that when you buy quality, you only need to buy it once. To place an order or learn more about us, get in touch. Email