Meet 3 of Our Fantastic Resellers

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At 51T, we work very closely with our resale channel to ensure that they are able to enhance the value of our products by helping to identify where we can provide complementary products or services within any package deal. Our resellers play a prominent role within a number of sectors - they provide hardware, installation, consulting, and troubleshooting services - to name but a few.

In all of our work we aim to remove ambiguity, monitor order lead-times and control the full end-to-end life cycle of order fulfilment, so as to protect the service experience.

In getting the right reseller on-board, partnership is key. The VARs (Value Added Resellers) we work with have deep knowledge of their sector and a commitment to providing quality

products. As a result we’ve been able to develop products that meet and, we hope, exceed their needs. We’ve asked 3 of our VARs to introduce themselves here:


Bidvest Mobility, formed by bringing together Bartrans and Make Me Mobile, is a leader in

mobile computing in Southern Africa. We have branches nationally within South Africa, all of

which have full service and repair capability, we deploy thousands of enterprise grade mobile devices annually and manage them remotely from our helpdesk. As part of the larger Bidvest group of companies our mission is to drive efficiency for our

stakeholders and customers internationally. 

Bartrans and 51T

We have found working with 51T an absolute pleasure. Their commitment to the quality of

their products as well as their response times are world class. Their team always seem

willing to go the extra mile to assist us especially in delivering on tight timelines for enterprise

projects. The traditional OEMs would always have in-vehicle chargers for their products, but generally these were outsourced to third party manufacturers and proved costly. 51T have a

formidable range of in-vehicle charging options which are reasonably priced and have often

resulted in a customer awarding a project our way.



Handsfree Group have helped transport, logistics and emergency service clients improve the way their employees drive, communicate and promote safety while significantly reducing their vehicle running costs. The team does this by supplying and installing the latest market leading vehicle technology innovations through their UK and USA operations.

Given this experience, Handsfree Group know precisely how to tailor vehicle communication, safety and security solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Handsfree and 51T

“We are a value-added distributor in the UK & US. We find opportunities, then 51T create cradles, starting with concept, to a prototype, to a finished product. 51T operate in a seamless manner with an acceptable time-frame. 51T design products for us with ruggedness and durability in mind. They scale up for large orders when required. It is a great advantage that 51T supply modular solutions which means that we can swap parts rather than replace them.”



Dakota Integrated Solutions specialises in the provision of barcode solutions across a broad

section of business environments. Our business offering extends to the core components of

a successful data capture:

  • Barcode label printing and scanning solutions
  • Integration with business systems
  • Fully configurable managed service for hardware devices

Dakota Integrated Solutions and 51T

Over the past few years, we have enjoyed a strong business relationship with 51T and

supplied their picking and labelling Betsy and Bethany Mobile Work Stations to various

customers in warehouse and distribution environments. 51T mobile carts are fully customisable and offer a complete mobile solution consisting of an integrated touchscreen (or mounted rugged tablet), a barcode scanner and barcode printer on a trolley, taking hardware directly to the point of activity. As such, they offer operatives time gains and productivity improvements in their pick and pack, stock checking or shipping labelling tasks.

We have found 51T very easy to do business with, offering us knowledgeable advice and

great support with the loan of evaluation kit for projects and trade shows.

We look forward to building firm and productive relationships with resellers and strive to

meet and exceed requirements at reasonable cost and superlative speed. To find out more

about becoming a reseller, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.