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How 51T Improves Distribution Centre Efficiency

As technology advances and demands for faster delivery accelerate, distribution centres face new challenges that require more than just a tech response. Learn how 51T is stepping up to the challenge with innovative rugged hardware solutions.

How 51T Improves Distribution Centre Efficiency

As technology advances and demands for faster delivery accelerates, fulfilment teams are faced with new challenges that require more than just a tech response. Amidst shrinking delivery days, distribution centres sit at the heart of the biggest customer service challenges facing the logistics sector today.

“On-demand delivery is not just about getting something to the consumer pronto, it’s also having an impact on how distribution centre’s operate” Gary Forger, Logistics Management.

The modern distribution centre is already home to a number of solutions, from software to hardware, to material handling and other automation systems. Moving forward all these solutions need to come together seamlessly to facilitate newer, smarter disruptive technologies. So, given these rapidly shrinking fulfilment order times, how can distribution centres improve on efficiency and stay competitive?

Disrupted Fulfilment Processes

Providing the team with the latest technology - whether it’s a handheld computer, mobile device or scanner - does help to keep an operation running efficiently. However, management is now also faced with disrupted fulfilment processes driven by the pervasive use of these new technologies. 

In a recent supply chain dive article, the author noted the modern physical changes warehouses are having to undergo to keep up. This in turn, the article points out, is changing how workers themselves are having to adapt to both the physical and hi-tech changes within centres.

Smart Cabinets

What’s needed is products like the 51T Smart Cabinet. These are designed with modern warehouse management in mind. The Smart Cabinet presents management with the ultimate device performance tracking system whilst at the same time managing the impact on labour and cycle times. The Smart Cabinet provides distribution managers with up-to-date records of the mobile devices that are in operation. It also logs faulty devices so that they can be quickly pulled offline for repairs. 

Similarly, mobile picking and labeling stations help management to fully utilise space and allow for greater flexibility. These solutions, amongst others, are helping distribution managers adjust to the rapid pace of order fulfilment. Helping them to adapt to both the technological as well as physical changes impacting distribution centres today. These practical solutions have solid and far-reaching positive consequences.

51T designs and manufactures rugged hardware products with today’s distribution needs in mind. From mobile picking and labelling stations to smart charging cabinets the team study closely how distribution professionals work and develop complementary hardware solutions that drive efficiency. 51T supplies products for a range of clients, from leading brands like Asda, Amazon, TNT, Hello Fresh and more. Visit our website to browse our latest range of products. If you can’t find what you need, email sales@51t.co.uk.- we’re more than happy to chat.