EDA51 Charging Cradle – Product Spotlight

EDA51 Charging Cradle – Product Spotlight

A comprehensive charging cradle range that is easy for operatives to handle.  51T charging solution for Honeywell EDA51 has an option for every budget. Read more.

Technology: Honeywell EDA51 Cradle Range

Warranty: 36 months

Warranty Extension: Up to 5 years


Honeywell EDA51 handheld computer offers the ideal package for retail start-ups and similar businesses needing a light touch scan and pack fulfilment solution.


On-the-go Charging 

To further enhance the effectiveness of the Honeywell EDA51 device in the field, 51T has designed a comprehensive charging cradle range that is easy for operatives to handle. For example, inserting and or removing the device from its Cradle can be actioned with single hand access - making it the best solution for on-the-go charging. 

Minimise Down-Time

The EDA51 Cradle features a detachable cable and snag-proof cable hooks - time-saving features that are included as standard.



The charging range offers several valuable accessories at affordable prices. Durable and repairable hardware that can easily upgrade to fit operational needs.


Under £100

EDA51 Cradle

EDA51 Cradle plus Cig Plug and Curly Cable Bundle

EDA50 Cradle plus fixed installation bundle


Under £260

EDA51 Cradle plus Cig Plug, Curly Cable and Standard Mount Bundle

EDA51 Cradle – Single Bay Bundle

EDA51 Cradle – 4 Bay

EDA51 Cradle – 5 Bay



The 51T EDA51 charging cradle range helps to maximise ROI, allowing businesses to keep their operation running round the clock.


To place your order, contact sales@51t.co.uk