TC70 / TC70x / TC75 / TC77 Cradle - Cig Plug and Curly Cable Bundle

This is the Cradle Body with Cig Plug and Curly Cable. (No Mount Included)

This is the 51T Charging Cradle for the Zebra TC70/TC75/TC70x/TC77 range.

The ideal choice for those who want the ability to have their device charging and easily accessible where and when they want it.

The 51T charging cradle is compatible with all 51T Power and Mounting Solutions giving users the freedom and maneuverability to use and charge their device where required without breaking the bank.

With the Cradles unique, custom-made moulded for purpose design, Users are able to insert or remove the device single-handed with ease.

Please contact us directly for bulk orders.


The TC70, TC75, TC77 and TC70x charging cradle designed and manufactured by 51T is the ideal choice for charging your Motorola® Mobile Computer.


This product may be subject to one or more Patents or Design Registrations:

  • GB 1208521.3
  • HK 13111897.6
  • US 13/707,180


  • Detachable cable allows re-use of cig-plug or hardwired to vehicle
  • Extra-long 1.8M coiled cable for van use. Plug at BOTH ends (Replaceable)
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Internal voltage regulator ensures consistent output voltages
  • Internal voltage clamp and Internal auto-reset switch prevents over-voltage to device
  • Cable hook prevents snagging & adds supporting strain relief
  • Each screw fastens in to a precisely placed brass bolt, fixed during injection moulding for strength
  • 6 locating bolts mount to supplied back place, for Suction Mount or Multi Bay Charger
  • Multiple security bolts
  • Charging pins tested to over 1 Million compression
  • Internal auto-reset switch preventing short-circuit across pins
  • 5.0V Out (Mini USB Type A output)
  • Tamper-proof screws with anti-vibrate and shake-proof washers
  • Steel chassis
  • interchangeable throughout our current 51T product range


  • Repairable / Replaceable parts
  • Strong
  • Made in the UK
  • Customisable
  • Designed in the UK
  • Anti-vibration
  • AC / DC - 12 / 24 / 240 Voltage
  • Security bolts for strength and alignment
  • Recyclable & Re-usable parts
  • Designed specifically for the device
  • Part of the Modular Family
  • 5.0v USB mini out