TC55 Wearable Wrist Mount

This is the 51T Wearable Wrist Mount

The ideal choice for those who want the ability to have their device with them and use it without struggle whenever they need it.

The 51T Wearable Wrist Mount is available for a range of devices and parts are replaceable giving users interchangeability between estate refresh without breaking the bank.

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51T Wearable Wrist Mount

Bundle Contents

  • TC55 Holster
  • Wrist Mount Adaptor
  • Wrist Mount Pad (Replaceable)
  • Standard Velcro Straps (9 - 11 ")
  • Extended Velcro Straps (13 - 15 ")


  • Non-stretch Velcro
  • Hygienic user changeable wrist pad
  • Extra secure Velcro and Press Stud attachment
  • Elasticated Device Retainer
  • Scan directly in holder on device
  • Fits device with handstrap and stylus attached
  • Two handed lift
  • Completely accessible screen
  • Completely accessible buttons
  • External elastic & stylus loop
  • Steel reinforced pad


  • Repairable / Replaceable parts
  • Ambidextrous
  • Made in UK
  • Strong
  • Designed in UK
  • Designed specifically for this device
  • Interchangeable