Smart Cabinet

This is the Smart Charging Cabinet brought to you by 51T.

The 51T® Smart Charging Cabinet is designed and manufactured to securely hold and charge multiple devices simultaneously with asset tracking software enabling complete device management and accountability on a per user basis. Ideal for a variety of applications and environments including retail.

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Hardware Features:

 • Barcode/QR Scanner
 • NFC / Smart Card Reader
 • Camera Recorder
 • Electronic Double Locking System
 • Positive Pressure Fans for Ventilation & Airflow
 • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connectivity
 • Pull Out Shelves for Easy Access
 • Interior Lighting

Software Features:

 • Asset Control
 • User Intreactive Platform
 • Access Control
 • Smart Locking System
 • Accelerometer
 • Humidity Sensor
 • Temperature Sensor
 • Fail-safe System
 • GPS Locator


This product may be subject to one or more Patents or Design Registrations:

  • GB 1208521.3
  • HK 13111897.6
  • US 13/707,180