OEM EDA50 4 Bay Charger

4 Bay cradle for OEM EDA50 chargers

Devolped and designed by 51T in conjunction with Honeywell, the EDA50 Multi-Bay Charger is the perfect solution if you have multiple EDA50 devices in your estate.

Using the existing Honeywell OEM chargers, we have created a solution which utilises 4 individual single bay chargers and combines them with our specially designed chassis and power loom, removing 3 of the 4 cables originally required to power all 4 from a single wall socket eliminating the need for multiple and somewhat unnecessary cables.

We have designed the solution to be robust using a mixture of powder-coated steel and tamper-proof screws.

With a 12-month Manufacturers Defect Warranty, this is the perfect EDA50 charging solution.