Molex to molex via 1.8m curly cable (shielded EMC)

Molex to molex Cable

Parts to be used in conjunction with each other only.

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51T 6 way Molex Cable for In-Vehicle Charging.

Parts Include

  • Cable - Molex to Molex


  • Compatible with all 51T Cradle Chargers
  • Detachable Cable allows re-use
  • Power-On LED, shows Cig Plug receiving power
  • Internal voltage clamp prevents over-voltage to device
  • Internal voltage regulator ensures consistent output voltages


  • Repairable / Replaceable part
  • DC—12 / 24 Voltage
  • Recyclable / Re-usable parts
  • Designed Specifically for the device
  • Part of Modular Family