Elastic Drop Pouch

This is the 51T Elastic Drop Pouch with Belt Loop

The ideal choice for those who want the ability to have their device with them and easily accessible whenever they need it.

The 51T Soft Drop Pouch is compatible with a vast range of devices giving users interchangeability between estate refresh without breaking the bank.

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51T Elastic Drop Pouch with Belt Loop.

Device Compatibility

  • CT50
  • D70/75e
  • EDA50
  • FZ-N1
  • TC51/56
  • TC55
  • TC70/75/70X
  • X Cover 3

*Also suitable for devices within the measurements of 180 (H) x 100 (W) x 20 (D)

Outer Dimensions

  • Height - 180 mm
  • Width - 100 mm
  • Depth - 15 mm


  • Belt Loop for easy manoeuvrability
  • Weather proof material


  • Replaceable parts
  • Designed specifically for use