Cig Plug and Curly Cable complete

In-Vehicle Cig Plug Adaptor and Cable

Parts to be used in conjunction with each other only.

The 51T Cig Plug Charger consists of Cig Plug and Curly Cable and attach via 6 Way Molex Connector.

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51T 6 way Molex Cig Plug and Cable for In-Vehicle Charging.

Parts Include

  • Cig Plug - Cable to Adaptor
  • Cable - Cig Plug to Cradle


  • Compatible with all 51T Cradle Chargers
  • Detachable Cable allows re-use
  • Power-On LED, shows Cig Plug receiving power
  • Internal voltage clamp prevents over-voltage to device
  • Internal voltage regulator ensures consistent output voltages


  • Repairable / Replaceable part
  • DC—12 / 24 Voltage
  • Recyclable / Re-usable parts
  • Designed Specifically for the device
  • Part of Modular Family